Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash Review!


You guys will have seen me wax lyrical on here about shower gels on more than one occasion before, so it won’t be a surprise to you to see another rave review on a body wash. Ok, I know what you’re thinking- sure really what does it matter what body wash you use? It all goes down the drain anyway, right? Well, yeah I suppose it does. But I just love a little in-shower treat. For me, a nice body wash is a vital part of my daily shower routine. And this hero product from Liz Earle is the key element to a happy shower for me. The Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash is one of a number of body wash offerings from Liz Earle, and the only one I’ve tried so far. It has the most heavenly citrus scent, which is perfect to wake me up in my morning shower. It is SLS free, and its natural ingredients mean it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. I pour the tiniest amount onto my loofah, and thanks to its foaming agents from natural sources, it foams up a treat, and leaves my skin perfectly cleansed, along with feeling soft and smooth. I also use this for shaving my legs, and it works really well, and my skin doesn’t feel dried out like when I use shave gels. The inclusion of ten essential oils means the delicate scent lingers on my skin, which feels nourished as a result of daily use.

This really is an all round amazing product, and is a lovely treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special. Yes, it is pricey at €17.25 for a 200ml bottle, but as I mentioned above, a little goes a long way, so a bottle will last for quite a while. You can pick up Liz Earle products from their online store here, or from Boots.

Have you tried the Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash? What is your favourite Liz Earle product? Let me know in the comments below!

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