Glossybox UK February 2017 Review :)


Can you believe it’s that time again? No, not Valentine’s Day, Glossybox delivery day! You may remember how last month I was left a little underwhelmed with the contents of my Glossybox…. Well, was this month any better? Read on to find out!


As you can see, the design of the box is fabulous. I love something a bit different from the usual pink and black simple design that we are already pretty familiar with, so I’ll definitely keep this box to store my bits and bobs in. This month’s edition included 5 items, 3 of which were full-sized. It’s a good mix of skin care, hair care and make up items this time around… Let’s examine the contents one by one, shall we?


First up is the La Theorie des Volcans Nore Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub. Phew, that was a mouthful. This is billed as a full size item, which surprised me as it is a rather dinky 30ml sized squeezy tube. The formula of this mask contains volcanic paste which is very interesting indeed, and is paraben and silicone-free, vegan and 90% natural, so if that kind of thing floats your boat, you’ll be delighted with this one. For me, it’s more about the results, and this mask claims to cleanse and purify, with added anti aging benefits. I haven’t trialled this on my face yet, but I popped a little squirt on the back of my hand, and I loved the light fresh scent, and the little teeny scrubby beads seemed to leave my skin totally smooth and soft. So after this minor test, it feels like a good face scrub rather than a mask per se, but when I have my shower tonight I shall pop it on for the suggested 2 minutes, and hopefully emerge from the mist like a fresh-faced goddess of purity. I’ll keep you posted with the results anyway. At €30, it’s effectively €1 per millilitre of product, so this one ain’t cheap. I’m happy enough with this inclusion.


The second skin care item this month is from Figs & Rouge, the Hydra-Activ Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream (is it just me or are these the longest product names ever?)  So this is a vitamin enriched day cream that is pretty lightweight, but promises instant and long-lasting hydration. Hmm… what more is there to say about this? Yet another sample sized moisturiser from Glossybox… it’s a bit of a bummer, as we’ve received face creams for three months on the trot at this stage. I know UK subscribers received a Ciaté nail polish instead of this, so I kinda feel like us Irish ladies got a bit of a raw deal. Although I’ll get use from this product at some stage, it’s not the most exciting inclusion, and will just be popped into my overflow basket of face creams along with the ones from the past few months.


On to makeup, and next up is the Me Me Me ‘Beat The Blues’ liquid highlight in the shade ‘Oyster Gold’ This liquid illuminator promises to give your skin a radiance boost, and I can’t wait to try it out. It reminds me of a budget version of Benefit’s High Beam, and this lovely champagne shade should look great dotted on brow bones, cheek bones or mixed with foundation for a glowy look. I’m a huge highlighter fan, and although this is a tad different from my usual much loved powder versions, I think it will be a really nice added step to my makeup routine. This is a full-sized product, valued at around €9. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this addition!


More makeup, this time is the Rodial Smokey Eye Pen, in black. Look familiar to you? Well, it’s pretty familiar to me, as I received this exact product in my September Glossybox. Yeah, it’s a nice addition, it’s full-sized, valued at €20, and Rodial are a great brand. But, I don’t want a repeat product, less than 6 months since the first time I received it. I’m going to email Glossybox to complain about it, as I don’t think it’s fair for long time subscribers to be receiving the same items in their boxes. Great addition if it’s new to you, but to me, it’s a huge source of disappointment.


Finally, it’s on to hair care, and the last addition is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm. Ok Glossybox, are you having a laugh or what? Seriously, a tiny foil packet as a main product? I am not impressed in the slightest. It’s bad enough that they have been sneaking tiny products emblazoned with the words ‘free sample’ in to boxes as main additions over the past couple of months…. But a bloody miniature foil packet that looks like something you’d get for free in a magazine? Well, its pure crap. This sample from a budget brand like Garnier, is worth next to nothing, so should have been popped in as an added bonus item, not a main feature. Ugh, I feel like I’ve gotten such a raw deal with my product line up this month, and this is the icing on the rather crappy cake.

So overall, you can guess my thoughts on this month’s edit. A bit of a rollercoaster perhaps, with two items that I was pretty pleased with, a repeat offender in the shape of an eyeliner, and yet another face cream to add to my heaving collection. And you know my strong feelings on the piddly packet of hair mask. It’s so disappointing as an Irish subscriber to see UK customers receiving high-end nail polish and lovely little bottles of perfume in place of another moisturiser and a product I’ve had before. To me, it seems like Glossybox don’t hold their Irish customers in high enough regard and throw any old crap in the box, and I’m tired of ‘filler items’ at this stage. I’m also really fed up with receiving pissy little sample sizes masked as main items. I cancelled my Birchbox subscription as I was sick of teeny-weeny samples, and now with Glossybox going the same route… I’m feeling I may be wandering down the path to cancellation. It’s rather sad, as I’ve been subscribed for over 2 years now, and LOVE coming home to a box of beauty treats and discoveries every month. But the service has been rather lacklustre for the last while, and I’m starting to feel like I’m wasting my hard-earned cash. 

What are your thoughts on this month’s edition? Did you get anything different in your box? Let me know in the comments below!

If you are interested in signing up to Glossybox click here!

(Don’t let my rough review put you off, click here to read reviews of previous Glossyboxes to get a feel for the service)


17 thoughts on “Glossybox UK February 2017 Review :)

  1. ramblingmads says:

    Bit of a mixed box, that Garnier sample seems to have popped up every where – I had it in January’s My Little Box. Totally agree that using free samples as one of the five items is very cheeky.

  2. lucylovesbeautyxo says:

    Oh no such a shame you’re not happy with your box. Strange you’re getting different items!!!! I hope GB send you something as a sorry for the repeat product. Lots of love xxx xxx

  3. beautyfindsandloves says:

    I’m not sure what’s available over there, but have you looked into Latest in Beauty? There’s always offers on for new subscribers, but unfortunately you’ve just missed out (it ends in 5 minutes) on a 30% off code 😦 however, if you want to give it a try and they ship to you let me know and I’ll see what I can do 😀

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