Beauty Essentials Shopping: Saving Cash at Superdrug!


You guys know that I love shopping. It’s an unhealthy addiction that I am trying to overcome. Beauty shopping is one of my favourite pastimes, I mean who doesn’t love a stroll around Boots, wandering the aisles swatching and sniffing new items, and taking advantage of all the 3 for 2 offers, filling your basket with lots of new beauty discoveries. While Boots is my beauty heaven, Superdrug is one of my favourite shops to pick up cosmetics, but unfortunately there aren’t too many stores in Ireland, and I only visit the one closest to me occasionally. Every time I visit my local Superdrug store, I stock up on dry shampoo, as they always seem to have offers on Batiste. So a couple of weeks ago, when I sprayed the last few drops out of my final can of dry shampoo, I thought I better hot foot it to Superdrug. I had the bright idea to check the website to find out if they were doing any offers on Batiste before hopping into my car to embark upon the 20 minute drive to my local store. Anyway, I don’t know why, but I always assumed the Superdrug website only shipped to UK customers (probably down to the fact that all prices are in pounds sterling, with no euro options) but after some messing about, I realised that they do in fact ship to Ireland. And whats even better, they do it FOR FREE (more on this later) I could barely believe my eyes! So instead of driving off to search the shelves for some beauty bits and bobs, I stayed in my pjs, sat on the couch with a cuppa, and filled my online basket.


As you can see, I stocked up on ALOT of Batiste dry shampoo. You’ll know from my Empties series, that I go through a ton of this stuff, so I always buy in bulk. I picked up four of the Tropical scent version in the extra-large 400ml can, at the bargain price of £2.48 each.(These are a whopping €7 in Boots) Then I went for 5 of the brunette version, in the regular sized 200ml can, which only set me back £1.98 each. These were on a half price offer, so it was a really great deal!


Even more dry shampoo, this time I went for one I hadn’t tried before. I picked up the CoLab Sheer & Invisible Dry Shampoo in the ‘New York’ scent, thinking that I’ll give it a whirl and see if it matches up to the standard of my beloved Batiste. I’d heard a ton of hype about this online, so I was excited to give it a go. Well ladies, it was love at first spray. I used this on second day (lightly greasy) hair and my gasps of amazement were audible from downstairs leading my other half to ask me what was I oohing and aahing over in the bathroom. Gals, this stuff is the bees knees! I sprayed a small amount into my roots and the first thing I noticed was that it really was sheer and invisible, so it wasn’t lying on the tin! I couldn’t see a speck of white residue, and it left my locks looking refreshed and grease free, as well as lightly volumised. The scent was lovely too. I’m seriously impressed with this stuff, and plan on purchasing a few more cans once I get through the ten tins of dry shampoo I bought on this order… gulp. This was also on half price offer at £1.73 for a 200ml can.


Whilst perusing the CoLab section online, I popped the Luxe Shine Glossing Hair Fragrance into my cart, thinking ahhh yeah, I’d love shiny nice smelling hair. I’ve only used this once since it arrived (I keep forgetting about to be honest) And it did leave my hair smelling nice and looking a bit shinier, without weighing it down or leaving a sticky residue. Is it a holy grail item? Probably not, but I shall continue to use it, and if I fall head over heels, you guys will be the first to know. This 200ml can was £2.48 on offer.


Another essential, deodorant! I was at my wit’s end with an Aldi anti-perspirant, so I picked up two of my old reliable Sure Compressed deodorants, in aloe vera and radiant sunshine scents. These are great as they’re small enough to pop in your handbag, and they do the trick at keeping your pits fresh and dry, and don’t give me those dreaded white marks where after spraying it a small shower of snow falls from your underarms. These were on offer for £1.00 each, which is great, as I’d usually spend €3.50 in Boots for these.


Finally, I picked up two of the Imperial Leather Pampering Bath Creams. I chose the Paradise Island and Love Story scents. I’m not overly fussy on my bath soaks, as long as it smells nice and gives me plenty of bubbles then I’m a happy camper. I’ve used up the Paradise Island one already, I got about 5 baths out of it (I can be a bit splash happy when it comes to bath foams) and it was lovely, a really nice light scent, with plenty of bubbles. The best bit about these was the fact they were on offer for 90p each. NINETY PENCE for 5 baths! That’s just fabulous isn’t it? Delighted with life so I was.

So, I know shopping for these ‘essential’ items is rather boring in comparison to picking up some face masks or a new lippie. But what made this rather exciting for me was the insane bargain factor of the whole spree. So I managed to pick up 15 items for the grand total of £26.83 (which converted to €31.80) I was thrilled with myself, as the same haul in Boots (leaving out the CoLab items as they’re Superdrug exclusive) would’ve set me back €68.57 for just 13 items. Madness! The best bit about shopping online with Superdrug is that they offer FREE standard delivery to anywhere in the UK & Ireland with NO MINIMUM SPEND! Jaysus, that’s fantastic, isn’t it? Sure good ole Boots makes you drop 50 quid before they’ll grace you with free shipping! The only catch to the Superdrug delivery? It’s only free if you’re a Health & Beauty Club member. But don’t worry, you can join the loyalty scheme there and then, on their website, it only takes 2 minutes, and straight away you’ll be racking up tons of points which you can use towards further purchases, as well as the great no-cost delivery. Sure, if you’re a real lazy lump you could be going online and spending 70 pence on some dental floss and have it delivered to your gaff for no added extra cost. Ridiculous isn’t it? Ridiculously brilliant! The delivery took about 5 working days to reach me in Dublin, which was grand. I expect it would be a tad quicker in the UK.

You can check out the Superdrug site here.

Anyways, that’s enough excitable raving about saving cash on deodorant and the likes. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the Superdrug site for great deals in future, so I can always keep my reserve basket well stocked with essentials.

Do you shop in Superdrug? What are your best beauty bargains? Let me know in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “Beauty Essentials Shopping: Saving Cash at Superdrug!

  1. ramblingmads says:

    I love Superdrug. The delivery in the UK is also about 5 days so there’s no real difference. I love picking up a few bits and bobs there. The Vitamin E skincare range is fab and they carry a few ranges Boots don’t stock so that’s always a plus.

  2. beautyblitzblog says:

    I love Batiste too, but like you I recently picked up some CoLab and haven’t used my Batiste that much! Great post! X

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