Glossybox UK April 2017 Review!


It’s that time again, Glossybox time! It seemed to come around pretty quickly this month, with a slightly earlier dispatch date, but I’m not complaining, as I love coming home to a box of beauty goodies at any time! This month’s box is focused on a beauty spring clean, which they describe as clearing the beauty stash, and making room for new favourites. With this in mind, they’ve tailored this month’s edition towards ‘busy women, who want their beauty arsenal to make life that little bit easier’ and I must say, they have stuck to theme pretty well. This month’s edition only has one full-sized item (which is pretty unusual for Glossybox!) but the other 4 items are pretty decent sized samples, from a good range of brands, across hair care, body care & makeup. Anyway, enough jibber jabber, let’s take a closer look at the products…


First up we have the Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner. This is a deluxe sample size 100ml tube. Isn’t the packaging super pretty? I love having nice looking products on display in my bathroom, sad- but true. The first thing I did was flip open the cap and take a sniff, and it has the loveliest light floral scent, exactly what I expected. Anyway, this stuff is one of those nifty new fangled ‘Co-washing’ products, that every beauty junkie was blathering on about a few months ago. I gather that this is the new style of 2-in-1 product, which combines the cleansing action of a shampoo, with the hydration of a conditioner all in one little tube! This formula is free from sulphates, salts and artificial colours, and promises to be perfect for all hair types. It sounds like a winner to me. I think it would be great for travel, or for lazy gals like myself, as it is one less product to worry about in the shower in the mornings. I’m looking forward to testing this out, once I get through the 6 bottles of various shampoos and conditioners I currently have on the go. Gulp.


Next up, is the Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Shower Wash. Now, my boyfriend said this looks like something you’d take from a hotel bathroom, and I am inclined to agree. The 50ml size is a little bit piddly, I think a slightly bigger bottle may have impressed me a bit more. I like the bottle design, and the scent is unreal, a gorgeously fresh, citrus fragrance, which is perfect for the Spring season, I definitely think it will leave me feeling refreshed in the morning. It’s rather pricey at £20 for a 200ml bottle, so I can’t see myself buying a full size, no matter how much I love it!


On to makeup, and next up is the Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL, in a travel sized tube. Glossybox seem to be sending out Rodial products a lot lately, which is good, as it’s a great brand. I had a Rodial mascara before (I cannot remember the name of it!!) and it was amazing, I really liked it, so I’m hoping this one is as much of a success. This is billed as giving an ‘extreme effect’ leaving lashes ‘supersized but super soft’ All soundspretty good eh? I’ve not even opened the tube, as I have 3 mascaras on the go at present, so I don’t want to open this until I’m ready to try it, as we all know how quickly mascaras dry out. But anyway, I’m always happy with the addition of a mascara, and if it becomes a favourite- I’ll be sure to let you know!


Next up, an item I presumed would be full-sized from the sneak peek we received last month (but it turns out it isn’t) is the Model Co Contour Stick. This is a contour crayon, which is meant to be easy to use, yet is also precise, and can be used in various parts of the face to contour for example; cheekbones, nose etc. Now, I’m a bit bored of the contour trend, its soooo 2015 at this stage 😉 but I do like receiving Model Co products. I like the bright pink packaging, and the product itself seems easy to use, but my main concern is with the shade. In fact, it doesn’t even have a shade name on the crayon, but to me, it’s a pretty warm tone for a contour, and appears more bronzer-ish than contour like, which I always thought should be more ashy shades as they’re meant to create definition on the skin? However, I’ll give it a go and see how it works for me, though I’m pretty sure it’ll look muddy on my pale skin. I also reckon you’d get through this little crayon pretty quickly, so it’s a pity they didn’t provide a bigger sample size.


Finally, the only full-sized addition this month is the Sport FX Double Time Brush Buffer + Powder Duo. Well, I do love getting a makeup brush in a beauty box, so I was very pleased with this addition. The whole Sport FX brand is tailored towards gym goers, so already I’m not the target market there, having never stepped inside a gym in my 29 years on this earth. I’m not mad on the design of the brush, I dunno, I just prefer pretty looking tools, but that’s not too important for most. Anyway, I haven’t tested it out yet, but this looks like it would be great for travel. One end is a flat-topped buffing brush, designed for use with foundations, and the opposite end is for use with powders. The bristles feel really soft, and the buffing brush end reminds me of the Elf Powder Brush, which was a really popular brush for applying foundation back in the day, so if it works as well as that I’ll be thrilled. This was a good addition!

So that’s the lot! Overall, I was pleased with this box. I thought the brush and the co-wash were great additions, and I’m looking forward to testing out the mini mascara. I do wish the contour stick and shower gel had come as slightly bigger sizes, as it is a bit disappointing to only receive one full sized item in a box. I must add that the shpping was super fast this month, as I received my dispatch email on Friday night, and it arrived to me on Monday morning, which is the fastest I’ve ever gotten it. This is my last Glossybox on my current subscription, and I think this may be where it ends for me, as it’s been two and a half years of beauty goodies, and I think I now have to get real and realise I have more than enough beauty products in my stash. Alongside the fact that I’m in the process of becoming a homeowner which means every last penny is going towards saving for appliances, furniture and builders fee’s etc… (ew, when did I become so old?) I think it may be time to give Glossybox a rest for a little while. I’m glad I’ve went out on a high- I liked this box a lot more than recent boxes. And let’s just see how much I miss it over the next few months, eh? If I’m heartbroken, then maybe we shall be reunited again some time. 

What are your thoughts on this month’s Glossybox? Did you get anything different in yours? Let me know in the comments below! 

If you’re interested in signing up for Glossybox you can do so by clicking here! By using my link you can claim 20% off your first box 🙂 

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