Some Recent Favourites: Beauty, Fashion & Randoms!

After a little bit of a blogging hiatus, I’ve decided to get back into the groove, and try my hand at restarting my little corner of the internet that is filled with random ramblings. I’ve been discovering a lot of new favourites recently, so I thought I’d share them on here with you lot! Let’s dive in then….


First things first, bodycare! It’s no secret that my favourite bodycare brand is Soap & Glory, but the Whipped Clean Shower Butter is a new discovery for me, and one that I’m obsessed with. It’s not just a shower gel oh no, this is the most luxurious feeling shower butter I’ve ever tried. It lathers up into a lovely light foam, and the scent is just divine, a gorgeous sweet vanilla and almond aroma. The best bit is this wonder product also doubles up as a body butter, so there’s no need to stand around in the nip post-wash, freezing your butt off while slapping lotion all over all your wobbly bits. After using this in the shower, my skin feels nice and moisturised, and the lovely light scent lasts on the skin for ages after. If you love a nice treat to use in the shower, I’d highly recommend this. At €8 in Boots, it’s a bit spendy for a shower cream, but it won’t break the bank.

Next up, something I never talk about on here- fake tan! I have fallen in love with the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Summer Glow Lotion in the shade Medium. This is the most amazing gradual tan, that gives a gorgeous golden glow. Now lads, I am just desperate at applying fake tan. I always do a really dodgy job, leaving streaks and patches all over my arms and legs. But this stuff is so simple to use, you just slap it on like you would with a normal body lotion, and it dries and develops into a gorgeous natural looking tan. I liked to apply it in the evenings after my shower, and by the next day it would leave my skin lovely and sun-kissed looking. For my friend’s wedding I applied it two nights in a row, and it left a lovely deep colour, which was so natural looking, and completely streak free. I’ve never had so many people ask me if I had a spray tan done, as it looked that good. Also, it doesn’t have that gross stale biscuits pong that a lot of  fake tans have, this one has a nice sweet scent that reminds me of sun cream and is actually quite pleasant. I’ve used this tube at least 5 times for full body applications, and it’s still about 2/3 full, so a tube will last a long time. I’d highly recommend it, and its a bargain at around €9 for the bottle!

Finally for body care, a random one, but I love my new Gillette Venus Snap Razor! Look at how teeny tiny it is! It’s perfect for travel as it is so compact, and the little case it comes in is nifty, to pop in your wash bag so that your razor doesn’t get tangled in with your hair ties, and its a great place to store it in the shower so you don’t lose it. There’s not much more I can say, I mean it’s just your regular razor…. but it’s teeny tiny, and we all know tiny mini products are the best kind! We all know that Venus razors and refills can be pricey, but I’ve spotted this on offer in Superdrug a few times lately, so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain!


Next up, I have two new makeup items that I’ve been loving lately. First up is the KIKO Pencil Lip Gloss in the shade ’08’ Natural Pink. Ah lads, I adore this so much. It’s a gorgeous nude pink shade that is so creamy and smooth when applied on the lips. It’s really long-lasting, and not sticky at all, yet it gives a lovely glossy finish. My only slight gripe is that because it is so creamy, the formula does break quite easily when you sharpen it, and of course, the whole pencil style is a bit of a pain when you take this crayon out in your handbag, as it does need to be sharpened regularly. But, negatives aside, this is a fabulous lippie. My sister got me this on a recent visit to a KIKO store in Spain, and I’m only raging that they don’t stock KIKO in Ireland (seriously lads, sort it out yeah?!) But at least I can repurchase this online when it runs out, at the bargain price of €3.95!

Next up, from bargain beauty to something rather spendy. My latest mascara of choice is the Yves Saint Laurent ‘Babydoll’ mascara in black. I mean, how luxurious is that packaging? I just love whipping out the gorgeous gold tube every time I apply my makeup, it makes me feel so glamorous. As you can see, the wand is one of those plastic bristle types, which I personally love. I don’t know how they’ve engineered it, but the bristles help to make my lashes look lengthy and voluminous, and the wand makes it easy to apply to the bottom lashes and inner corners. It doesn’t budge or smudge on me at all, it’s so long-lasting and flake free, but also easy to remove at the end of the day. I usually apply two coats for a lovely volumised look, I wouldn’t recommend layering it on too thick, as it can look a bit scarily clumpy after the third or fourth coat. But seriously, this stuff is the bees knees. Now it comes in at an eye wateringly expensive €32.50 a tube, which is extremely expensive for something that needs to be replaced every 3 months. I got mine in a gift set, and seeing as I don’t wear makeup to work, and only really apply mascara at the weekends, I’m not entirely sure if I can justify a repurchase when this one runs out. But one thing is for sure, this is one of the best mascaras that I’ve ever tried.

Next up lets stray away from beauty and see what else I’ve been loving….

I recently picked up Wilde Like Me, the debut novel by Louise Pentland, and boy did I love reading it. If you don’t already know Louise, she is a YouTuber (formerly known as Sprinkle Of Glitter) For a long time Louise (a gorgeous British gal in her early 30s) posted fluffy teenage style videos, aimed at the younger market, which were fun and easy to watch. However she has recently revamped her channel, turning her content towards more adult topics such as dating disasters, parenthood, pregnancy and all the other fun things like home styling, fashion and beauty. I always liked Louise, but recently she has become one of my favourite online stars, so I had to pick up her book to have a read. While sometimes it is hard not to imagine the title character Robin Wilde and her daughter Lyla as being Louise herself and her own real life daughter Darcy, it is a really good read, delving into the world of being a single mum, balancing parenthood and a blossoming career along with romance. It is a nice light-hearted, funny read. Yes, it felt like Louise was narrating the whole thing, but if you’d never seen one of her videos you’d love it just the same. I really enjoyed it, and now I can’t wait for book 2!

It wouldn’t be me without some Disney in my favourites. I love Disney, and I love tea, so these mugs were just made for me! My mam picked them up for me in Penneys (Primark) and I just LOVE them. I mean look how cute the little illustrations of Bambi & Thumper are, and the pink and rose gold colouring are right up my street. I’ve whipped these out a few times already when friends have come around for tea, and seen others ooh and aah over them, as if they’re more expensive, when in reality the set was a bargain at €5! If you love vintage Disney, and want a splash of nostalgia in your everyday homewares, hot foot it to Primark and pick these up!

Finally, some fashion, and also from Primark, I picked up this pretty pink playsuit. I just love the soft pink colour and floral design. It has a cute ruffle detail on the shorts, and I like the sleeve design, as it keeps you covered on top. It is so comfy to wear, and I have paired it with heels and sparkly flip-flops for different looks. The only slight gripe I have is that it’s a bit of a pain to take on and off, as there is no zip, so I found myself struggling on more than one occasion while nipping to the loo and having to remove the whole ensemble. But everyone knows a playsuit is fashion rather than function eh? This was a bargain at €16, and is still in Penneys stores in Ireland now!

So that’s the lot! A nice old mix of beauty, books & bits eh? What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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