10 new items from Penneys! Big Primark Haul :)


Gals, I went shopping!! I’ve been rather noticeably absent from the blog for the last couple of months, I blame turning 30, buying my first house, being very busy at work, being bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding and general laziness for the radio silence around here. Anyway, my crippling mortgage repayments and renovation schedule should have stopped my frequent shopping sprees…. but a leopard can’t change its spots eh? My shopaholic status is still as strong as ever. With an upcoming holiday to Walt Disney World, I nipped into Penneys (the Irish name for Primark) to pick up the boring essentials: some new t-shirt bras, a 5 pack of rather large nude pants, trainer socks etc. Well, I got them all, and seeing as they’re rather snoozeworthy, I haven’t added them here. I also picked up TEN other items from Penneys lately, so I thought I’d share them all here! Let’s take a peek inside the bag shall we?


First up, I FINALLY GOT CHIP!! Well actually, my sister picked this up for me, after she stumbled across a whole bunch of ‘chip cups’ while walking home from work one day. Now, these have sold out as fast as lightning each time they’ve landed in Primark stores over the last 3 or 4 months, and I yearned for one so badly. You know me, an obsessive Disney fan, who needs a Chip mug on display on her kitchen shelf in her new house, or else life would not be complete. I’d even taken to bidding on eBay auctions to try snag one of these little dudes, so when my sister text me to say she found one for me, I squealed. Loudly. In a packed train carriage. While I was by myself. *Got some very strange looks* I really am so thrilled with this addition to my Disney collection. It was €5, but very hard to come by, so if you see one in store, grab it with both hands!


Sticking with the Beauty & The Beast theme, my colleague picked up these socks for me. She knows I’m a Disney lover, and knew how much I loved the film. As these were a gift, I’m not sure how much they were, but most socks from Primark are around the €2 mark!


I promise this is the last Disney item! My parents were in Primark and spotted this Aladdin nightie in the sale section for €3. Aladdin was my childhood favourite film, so they knew I would love it, and it will be perfect for my upcoming Disney trip!


Now, on to the real stuff! I saw these heels online, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Theyre a gorgeous pink soft suede effect, with a gorgeous rose gold heel. Yup, they are high. Yup they are pointed at the toe, so they ain’t gonna be comfy. But I just adore them. I think they will look great with skinny jeans, a cami and a blazer for a simple dressy look. They’re easy enough to walk in, but I’m sure I’ll be crippled by the time I totter from a taxi into the bar. Still, they’re pretty, and they were only €16, so I could hardly leave them on the shelf now, could I?


Ahhh, the autumn shoe staple, some brown boots! I loved these suede effect tan boots when I saw them, how nice is that gold zip detail?! I know these will be perfect for autumn/winter, as I can pair them with skirts or jeans, they will dress up even the most casual of outfits. The heel isn’t too high, so they should  hopefully be comfy enough to wear. These were a bargain at €17.


This was my favourite item that I picked up, but sadly it just does not photograph well! It’s basically a lovely dark grey slouchy knit cardigan. It’s a nice long length, and doesn’t have any buttons or any real shape to be honest, but it looks good on, and it’s just so so cosy to wear! I know I’m going to get a ton of wear out of it this winter, so I think the €16 price tag will be well worth it!


Sticking with autumn/ winter staples, how cute is my new bobble hat? I love the pink and grey design, and of course no hat is complete without a huge fluffy bobble perched on the top. It was such a bargain at only €4 🙂  I did check out the matching scarf, but I didn’t love it, and I didn’t think it was worth the €8 price tag, so I went with a different style in the end.


Instead of matching things up to my hat, I chose this gorgeous blanket scarf. I love these huge cosy scarves, as you can also use them to wrap around you like a big blankie when travelling or if you’re feeling a bit chilly somewhere. I liked the simple grey and white design, and for €6, I was pretty happy with my purchase.


Next up, a completely unnecessary but completely adorable purchase. This little bunny is not only my cute new cuddle buddy, but he also doubles up as a hot water bottle! Oh my god when I saw him, I just couldn’t leave him alone on the shelf, so he hopped into my basket and came home with me. I’ve used him already, and its so nice having a teddy that heats you up while you’re having a little sprawl on the couch. My dog has already taken quite a shine to him, so I think he is going to be well-loved on the upcoming cold winter nights. Now, he cost €7 which is a bit obscene for Primark…. but I love him, so it was worth it.


Finally, I picked up two beauty bits. Firstly, I visited the Catrice stand and picked up the Prime & Fine Makeup Transformer Drops in the Darkening version. So this little dinky tube contains a darkening fluid, which basically can be used to make my lighter foundations a bit darker to match my skin tone when I’m more tanned. I got this to use in particular with my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation, which I adore, but is just a tad too pale for me. So I’m hoping that adding one or two of these transformer drops will help me to get the perfect match for my skin tone. I can’t remember the exact price, but I think it was around €4. Then, I stopped at the Essence stand to get one of their new Metal Shock Eyeshadows, as I’d heard they were a dupe for the Stila Magnificent Metals shadows, but at €4.40, the Essence version are around €20 cheaper! I got the shade Solar Explosion, which is a lovely shimmer gold, that I’m sure will be perfect for Christmas party season (I know, it’s only September, I need to cool my jets) I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will report back when I do!

So that’s the lot! I actually think I was pretty restrained, as I could’ve picked up so much more! What have you guys picked up from Penneys/ Primark lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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